A child is born Class-12th Bihar Board।12th english A child is born Bihar Board।English subjective questions chapter-7 Bihar Board.

Q.1 what is the difference between the east and the west in the matters of mother- child relationship?

Ans. In the east the biological family is deliberately weakened. The sexual relations between the spouses are perfunctory and exploitative. Mother-child relation is given more importance than that of husband-wife even the child is born to fulfil the demand of the family. In the West the husband-wife do enjoy more freedom and individuality. The biological family is not weakened.

Q.2 How are the Bangladeshi children looked after?

Ans. The Bangladeshi children are looked after by the whole family jointly. One of the women gives them their bath, the other feeds them. The children jointly play with the simple things that they are  hunded over by their parents. They don’t need expensive  toys to play with. All of them together listen to stories told by their aunts and it is quite common to call them ‘Badi Maa’ aur Choti Maa.

Q.3 what is this supposed to be outrageous in the west?

Ans. It is regarded as outrageous in the west that a woman could lose her own name and become known as the mother of her first born, once she has born it.

Q.4 Why had sudanese women officials stopped going to International conferences?

Ans. The sudanese women officials had stopped going to international conferences because they were tired of being told about their own lives instead of being consulted. Moreover, the international conferences  were conducted in languages which they cannot speak fluently, and so they withdraw into silent opposition.

Q.5 How is the traditional method of childbirth is useful?

Ans. The traditional method of childbirth is useful because when the women observes the retuals of pregnancy, she is looked after by all in the family. This gives her a sense of security and convertion that she is conducting the pregnancy, and not vice versa.


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