A marriage proposal Class-12th BiharvBoard।12th English A marriage proposal Bihar Board ।English subjective questions chapter-11 Bihar Board.

Q.1. What are the names of the dogs of natalia and lomov?

Ans. Natalia’s dog is named leap whereas the name of the dog of lomov is guess.

Q.2. What are the two defects that choobookov finds in the dog of lomov?

Ans. To the mind of choobookov lomov’s dog has two defects-he is old and his muzzle is too short.

Q.3. Why did lomov want to get married?

Ans. Lomov in a marriage proposal wanted to get married because he was 35 years old he wanted to lead a regular life as he was suffering do to a weak heart and Minion he wanted someone to take care of him.

Q.4. Who says that he will prove in the court that ox meadows belongs to him?

Ans. It is lomov who says that he will prove in the court that the ox-meadows belongs to him.

Q.5. Why do Natalia and lomov have a verbal duel?

Ans. Natalia does not agree that the oxen meadows do not belong to them while lomov that the oxen meadows belong to his family. For this, they have a verbal duel trying to convince each Other about their ownership.

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