A pinch of snuff class-12th Bihar Board। 12th English A pinch of snuff Bihar Board। English subjective questions chapter-3 Bihar Board.

Q.1 How does the writer regard in minister?

Ans. The writer, an Under-Secretary on probation, regards ministers as being two Steps higher than God. His remark however, is ironical.

Q.2 what was the writer why didhe always Nanukaka?

Ans. The writer was the Under-Secretary on probation. He did not like the frequent arrival of Nanukaka but he obeyed him because he was the brother of his mother.

Q.3 The responses of the narrator and his mother were very different on hearing the news about the arrival of Nanukaka. Why?

Ans. The narrator’s response in ‘A Pinch of Snuff’ is different from his mother’s response on the arrival of his meternal  uncle Nanukaka because the narrator was apprehensive of his uncle’s stay for a long period. His mother, on the contrary, was delighted because Nanukaka was her brother.

Q.4 what is the relation between Sohanlal Ratiram and Ratiram?

Ans. They was father and son. Sohanlal Ratiram is the party Boss in Delhi.

Q.5 was the Under Secretary impressed by Nanukaka towards the end of the story?

Ans. The Under-Secretary, who is also the narrator of the story was finally impressed by Nanukaka. He liked the way Nanukaka used his art, humour and intelligence to fulfill his mission. Nanukaka was able to impress the Minister by his presence of mind and the narrator was sure that come what may, even it there is any problem in the future, Nanukaka would be able to handle it efficiently.

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