Bharat is my home Class-12th Bihar Board। 12th English Bharat is my home Bihar Board। English subjective questions chapter-2 Bihar Board.

Q.1 On what occasion did Zakir Hussain deliver this speech?

Ans. He delivered this speech in 1967 after taking the Oath as president. This is his first speech as the President of India.

Q.2 what does he feel while assuming the charge of presidency?

Ans. He feels greatly obliged to the people of the country and enters this office in a spirit of prayful humility And total dedication.

Q.3. What is the business of education?

Ans. According to Zakir Hussain, the business of education is to minister the constant renewal of the growth of national culture and national character. Education is the prime Instument of national growth and so people attention should be paid to it in order to improve the quality of the nation.

Q.4 why is Zakir Hussain overwhelmed?

Ans. He is overwhelmed by the trust his people have placed in him by electing him to the highest office in the land.

Q.5 what does Zakir Hussain in his eassy ‘Bharat is my home’ want us to dedicate ourselves to?

Ans. Dr. Zakir Hussain wants use to stand up for all things that are model because immorality leads to failure. Moreover, in order to built up a strong nation, se should concentrate on peace through non-violence.

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