Biology Important Chapter Bihar Board |Bihar Board Important Chapter Biology | Biology Class 12th Bihar Board | BiharBoard Biology

Biology Important Chapter Bihar Board

Biology Important Chapter


   Unit:-1   Reproduction 


Chapter:-1 Reproduction in organism

Chapter:-2 Sexual Reproduction in flowering plant

Chapter:-3 Human Reproduction

Chapter:-4 Reproductive Health

   Unit:-2    Genetic & Evolution


Chapter:-5 Principal of Inheritance and variation

Chapter:-6 Molecular Basic of Inheritance

Chapter:-7 Evolution

   Unit:-3    Biology in Human Welfare


Chapter:-8 Human health and Disease

Chapter:-9 Strategies for Enhancement in food production

Chapter:-10 Microbes in Human welfare

   Unit:-4    Biotechnology 


Chapter:-11 Biotechnology :- Principles & Process

Chapter:-12 Biotechnology and it’s Application

   Unit:-5    Ecology and environment 


Chapter:-13 Organism and populations

Chapter:-14 Ecosystem

Chapter:-15 Biodiversity and Conservation

Chapter:-16 Environmental Issues

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