Class 12th Biology Reproduction in Organisms

1. Amoeba reproduces by

(A) conidia

(B) buds

(C) gemmules

(D) binary fission

[Ans- (D)]


2. Penicillium reproduces by

(A) budding

(B) fragmentation

(C) gemmules

(D) conidia



3. Which in the following is not unisexual? [2015(A)]

(A) Cockroach


(C) Cow

(D) Earthworm



4. Menstrual cycle occurs in

(A) monkeys

(B) apes

(C) humans

(D) all of these

[Ans. (D)]


5. Which one does not show oestrus cycle?

(A) Cow

(B) Sheep

(C) Monkey

(D) Dogs

[Ans. (C)]


6. The period from birth to the natural death of an organism represents its

(A) life cycle

(B) life span

(C) vegetative phase

(D) all of these


7. Morphologically and genetically similar organisms are called

(A) clone

(B) somaclones

(C) cosmids

(D) cybrids



8. The process of formation of gametes is called

(A) gametogenesis

(B) sporogenesi

(C) cytokinesis

(D) meiocytes



9. Which one is not a bisexual animal?

(A) Tapeworm

(B) Dog

(C) Leech

(D) Sponge



10. Oogonium is

(B) Dog

(D) Sponge


(A) female sex organ in plants

(B) female sex organ in animals

(C) male sex organ in plants

(D) male sex organ in animals


11. Which is not unisexual?

(A) Cockroach

(B) Dog

(C) Cow

(D) Earthworm


12. Which one has diploid parental body?

(A) Fungi

(B) Human

(C) Algae

(D) Bryophytes

[Ans. (B)]


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