Class 12th English- summary “A child is Born”

Class 12th English- summary A child is Born

The authors, Germaine Greer, a feminist writer shows the veried differences between a traditional and modern society in matters of pregnancy and child-birth. A traditional society is full of customs and rituals as well as superstition and a pregnant woman is bound to follow them. She is taken good care of by the whole family and the fear of pain and danger does not affect her. On the country, is modern society, a pregnant woman is left all by herself and the pregnancy period becomes quite difficult for her. There is a lot of feasting and dancing to celebrate the child birth in a traditional society, even though there may be dangers and deaths involved due to lack of modern facilities. where as in modern society, though the death rates and risks are quite low, yet a pregnant woman never gets looked after and pampered in the months of her pregnancy and child-birth.


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