Class 12th English- summary “A Marriage Proposal”

Class 12th English- summary A Marriage Proposal

‘A Marriage Proposal’ by Anton Chekov is about the odd courtship of Lomov and Natalia. Lomov wants to get married to Natalia, but though he has inherited a lot of property from his hand, he is a hypochondriac. He is already 35 and is desperate to marry Natalia. choobookov, Natalia’s Father, immediately gives permission. But Lomov becomes nervous and instead of proposing, he fight with Natalia over her dog Leap and the ownership of Ox meadows. Lomov leaves the house of Natalia in anger and when she comes to know that he had come to propose to her, She repents. Natalia sends her father to call him back. But they again start fighting and her father, in order to get them married, Feigns illnesses. They both get nervous and quickly kiss each other and decide to marry lest they lose choobookov. The play ends on a happy note.


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