Class-12th English- Summary “A Pinch of Snuff”

Class-12th English- Summary A Pinch of Snuff

‘A Pinch of Snuff’ is a very funny story written by an Indian Writer Manohar Malgaonkar. It is an autobiographical form. The writer explains the character of his material uncle Nanukaka. He always tells a lie. He cheats others in own peculiar way. He comes to Delhi at his sister’s. He travels second class carriage at third class ticket. He is caught by the ticket checker. He manages this problem easily. He wants to meet Sohanlal who is a very powerful political personality. He speaks so high of him that Sohanlal himself likes to meet him. He does not get the appointment to see a minister. He thinks of a plan to fulfill this aim. He cheats a motor dealer. He takes his royal car to serve his evil purpose. He succeeds in doing so. The minister himself comes to meet him at his residence. The story is full of humor and seems very real.


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