Class-12th english Summary An Epitaph

Walter De La Mare, an English poet, short story writer and a novelist is remembered for his works on Children and the Supernatural. He makes us aware of the transitory nature of life in this poem. He lets us know that all things are not lasting and eternal. He tells us about a beautiful lady of the West. who was very flirtatious and coquettish in nature. she did not like to be faithful and committed to one. But as time passed, her beauty started withering away and ultimately she died. With her death, Sada beauty vanished forever. Though the poet was very sad because he loved her dearly, he knew that she may be remembered through him for a short while, she will be forgotten completely after his death. So the poet says that beauty is transient and it fades completely. what remains is only the good deeds done and the good words spoken by the person. The poet wants to convey that physical beauty may strike the eyes but it is only merit that wins the soul.

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