Class-12th English- Summary “Ideas That Have Helped Mankind”

Class-12th English- Summary Ideas That Have Helped Mankind

Bertrand Russell in his essay named  ‘Ideas That Have Helped Mankind’ discusses some factors that helped mankind to develop. The increasing number of the people  must have been the first factor for their development. The second most important advantage, the man had over other animals, was his intelligence that he could hand on from generation to generation. Man had some inborn skills and some more he acquired during his own life. This very quality of man made him. Over a period of time, very developed and civilised from that of other animals and he became man. Man thought and established himself different from other animals. He developed two types of ideas first relating to knowledge and techniques and second relating to moral and politics. The discovery of fire, cultivation, domestication of animals and the art of writing were just the beginning in his becoming the master of the world.


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