Class-12th english Summary Macavity-The Mystery Cat

T.S.Eliot, an American-English poet of the 20th century is famous not only as a poet, but also a playwrite a literary critic and an editor. In this poem, the poet describes in detail the villainous character of a mischievous cat- Macavity. A tall and thin cat, he is very clever and thus leaves no evidence of his guilt at the Crime Scene. Even the specialized detective agencies like the Scotland yard are not able to get any proof of macavity being guilty. He breaks every low on this earth. with his sunken eyes and forehead doomed, he spends his time plotting for his criminal acts. The poet accuses him of some very major crimes and refers him to be a ‘fiend in feline shape’. He is a davil in disguise and a cat of such deceit and tact, that one cannot but praise him. The poet calls him ‘The Napoleon of crime.

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