Class-12th english Summary Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast

W.H.Auden is a versatile and vigorous poet who had a passion for ward coining and archaic words, which sometimes makes his poems difficult to understand. In this poem, ‘Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast’, the poet writes about the agonies of a modern man. He exposes the frustrations and depressions of model life and says that the messenger of death is waiting anxiously to snatch away the peace and delight of human beings. People are fast falling away like the falling leaves due to diseases and suffering of the modern age. He says that the loneliness of the modern man can be compared to the autumn season when everything withers away. As everything is slowly moving towards destruction, he advises us to preserve nature so that the people have something that is going to give peace to themand they are able to live without fear.

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