Class-12th english Summary Ode To Autumn

John Keats, one of the most sensuous of the Romantic age. In this poem, he personifies the autumn season and talks about its different stages. In the first stanza, he addresses autumn, and describes its intimacy and relation with the sun, which makes the flowers bloom and the fruits ripe. In the second stanza, the author personifiles autumn as a female goddess, sitting on the granary floor with her hair flowing in the wind. She often falls asleep while watching a cider- press squeezing juice from the apples. In the third stanza, the poet tells autumn not to worry about the beautiful and lyrical spring but instead be happy listening to its own song. The music and songs of the birds singing are enough to keep it happy. Autumn is full of wormth and happiness and the loss which is bound to come with the advent of winters should not make it depressed in any manner.

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