Class-12th English- Summary “The Artist”

Class-12th English- Summary The Artist

‘The Artist’ is a very fine short written by a japanese writer Shiga Naoya. It shows a world in which a talent of twelve years old boy named Seibi is damaged by his father and his teacher. Seibi has an art of making rare things out of gourds. These are things,which are generally sold in curio shops,are priceless.Seibei is strongly interested in his work.He converts a simple gourd into a priceless curio.His one gourd that he buys in ten sen only,after working on it.It is sold in 600 yen.His art is not seen by his parents and his teacher.They beat him for his working on the gourds.Seibi gives it up.He does not get attention for his new art of painting too. In this way the story shows the damage that adults world does to a world of young.


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