Class 12th English- summary “The Earth”

Class 12th English- summary The Earth

‘The earth’ by H.E. Bates, who has written many short stories about airmen and their adventures based on his experiences in the Royal Air force. In this Story, he deals with the life of a peasant family where the parents are treated badly by their son. The Johnson’s realized that their son, Benjy was not normal, and on the advices of the doctor , engages him in looking after the hens. Gradually, Benjy learnt everything about the business of hens and he started to earn more and more. On his 21st birthday, his parents gifted him with all their savings in the form of a passbook in his name. Benjy kept all the money to himself, buys the land that the Johnsons had rented to a man named Sanders. He gets married to a girl names Florence, much against his parents’ wishes. with marriage, the house was divided and finally Benjy drives his parents out of the house, talking away everything from them-Money, house and the land. his ill treatment of his parents cannot be justified and the parents are left all alone in this wide world.


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