Class-12th english Summary The Soldier

‘The solder’ by Rupert Brooke, is a wor sonnet which presents the patriotic ideals of a soldier. In the beginning he says that his wish is that after his death, his grave would be his country England. He says that after his death, he will remain in the fields of England forever and his sacrifice for his country will be remembered always. England had created him and he is blessed. with death his consciousness like a beating pulse, would return to England. For him, death is his duty and says that nobody should mourn his death. His love for his country and his sacrifice is like a son’s love for his mother. He says that in his death, he will become a part of an English heaven. He is prepared to die because he believes that he will be doing this for his motherland. such is the bond of the soldier with his country England. The poem, indeed, is a powerful Expression of the patriotic desire and belief of the poet.

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