1. A net work within an institution is know as

(A) internet

(B) local area network

(C) computer’s system

(D) computers network

Ans. (B)

2. The maximum percentage of deformation less modulation is

(A) 100%

(B) 75%

(C) 110%

(D) 50%

Ans. (A)

3. A single side band is preferred to double side in AM wave because

(A) small band width is needed

(B) less number of apparatus is needed

(C) it uses high band pass filter

(D) it generates more noise

Ans. (A)

4. By repid acceleration or deceleration of electrons in aerials, the electromagnetic waves produced

(A) radiowaves

(B) gamma rays

(C) X-rays

(D) none of these

Ans. (A)

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