English 12th Solution

 S.N English  Class  12th  Solution
 1 Indian Civilization And Culture
 2  Bharat is My Home    
 3 A Pinch of Snuff
 4  I Have a Dream
5 Ideas that have Helped Mankind
 6 The Artist
7  A Child Born
8 How Free is the Press
9 The Earth  
10 India Through a Traveller’s Eyes
11 A Marriage Proposal 
1 Sweetest Love I do Not Goe 
2 Song Of Myself
3 Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast
4 Ode to Autumn
5 An Epitaph 
6 The Soldier
7 Macavity : The Mystery Cat 
8 Fire Hymm
9 Snake
10 My Grandmother’s House

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