How free is the press Class-12th Bihar Board।12th English How free is the press Bihar Board।English subjective questions chapter-8 Bihar Board.

Q.1. When is generally censorship imposed on the press?

Ans. Censorship on newspapers is generally not imposed during peaceful or normal times. It is imposed during war-time or emergency when swift decisions and actions are required to be taken by the government.

Q.2. Name two things that makes the reports unreliable reading?

Ans. Garbling, sensationalize, false emphasis and suppression of context are some of the factors that make reports unreliable reading.

Q.3. What does miracle mongering refer to?

Ans. This refers to the reporting of more words spoken by the man in lesser time then the actual words spoken and the actual time taken.

Q.4. Why are politicians afraid of the press?

Ans. They are afraid of the press because it can make or mar their reputation or political career. Politicians are careful not to antagonize the press.

Q.5. What is the supposition of content?

Ans.‘Supposition of content’ mean that the press has every right to be free and fair. No censorship would be imposed on them, either officially or unofficially.

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