I have a dream Class-12th Bihar Board। 12th English I have a dream Bihar Board।English subjective questions chapter-4 Bihar board.

Q.1 why does he thank God ?

Ans. He thanks god that they are, at last, free. slavery has been abolished. Everyone is equal in the eyes of law.

Q.2 what does his speech reveal ?

Ans. His speech proves that he is a great orator and can stir the mind and heart of all the negro of America. His commitment to the rights of people and his concern for their uplift, have got revealed in his speech.

Q.3 what cautions are required in this tast?

Ans. Bitterness and hatred must go. Creative protest should not be allowed to degenerate into physical violence. Trials and tribulations should be utilized for redemption.

Q.4 what is the pledge taken by the Nagroes.

Ans. The pledge taken by the Negroes which is very well explained in ‘I have a dream’- a speech by martin luther king,jr. They make a promise to themselves and pledge that they will never turn back until and unless they get their rights. They will keep on marching for their justice and freedom.

Q.5 What does martin luther say about the life of negroes?

Ans. He says that the life of the negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discriminations. They still live on a lonely island of poverty.

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