Ideas that have helped manking Class-12th Bihar Board।12th English Ideas that have helped mankind Bihar Board।English subjective questions chapter-5 Bihar Board.

Q.1 what was the role of fire in our development?

Ans. The invention of fire proved a milestone in our development. We began to fry our food. It acquainted us with creating light in darkness and protecting us form wild animals. Later on, it resulted in the art of cookery.

Q.2 How with modern Civilization the means of enjoyment increased?

Ans. The means of enjoyment such as poetry, music, wine, football become available to us with the growth of Civilization. But the question is whether they have made us happier then earlier.

Q.3 what ideas have helped mankind in Pre-historic times?

Ans. There are various ideas that have helped mankind in pre-historic times are invention of Fire, taming of animals, invention of agriculture, art of writing and invention of language.

Q.4 How has civilization taught us to be more friendly towards one another?

Ans. Civilization gave us family life. We began to live in families and love our children and respect the elders. We also started being fond of demo domesticated  animals. All this made us to be friendly towards one another.

Q.5 Did language play a major role in the development of mankind?

Ans. Yes, language has indeed played a major role in the development of mankind with language. We have been able to communicate with each other and share our ideas, feelings and emotions.


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