India through a traveller’s eyes Class-12th Bihar Board।12th english india through a traveller’s eyes Bihar Board।English subjective questions chapter-10 Bihar Board.

Q.1. Why is pearl S. Buck impressed by the Indian family?

Ans. Pearl S. Buck is impressed by the simplicity, respect for elders and their religious- mindedness.

Q.2. What does she say about Indian peasants and their children?

Ans. She says that Indian peasants are then their chinese counterparts. They are poverty-stricken and their children are big- bellied with sunken eyes, mere skeltons.

Q.3. Why did the writer not mind her host eating in the opposite corner of the room?

Ans. She did not mind that because it was simply a private devotion to a religious feeling and not in-hospitality.

Q.4. Why was the land between Bombay and Madras famished?

Ans. The land was famished for want of irrigation facilities. There were not even artesian or Shallow well. The people did nothing to find water to irrigate their land.

Q.5. What tendency on part Indians has she criticized?

Ans. She does not like the tendency of Indians of blaming the British for their every ill and suffering. She reminds them that when the heart of a people is gone, their spirit dies with it. Indians should be active.

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