Indian civilization and culture Class-12th Bihar Board। 12th English Indian civilization and culture Bihar Board। English subjective question chapter-1 Bihar Board.

Q.1. What does our Civilization depend upon?

Ans. Our Civilization and our culture does not depend upon our multiplication of wants, rather, it rests on the idea of selfdenial and restriction of wants.Self-indulgence is easy but self-denial is something which requires determination and strength. So,we are proud to acknowledge that our civilization teaches us self-denial.

Q.2. How did our ancestors view large cities? Why were they satisfied with small village?

Ans. They viewed large cities as snares and useless encumbrances, having gangs of theives, robbers and prostitutes. Their village fulfilled all their needs. So they were satisfied with small village.

Q.3 what does Gandhijee prefer to materialism?

Ans. Gandhijee is dead against blind imitation of Western Civilization that is based on naked materialism. He prefers the development of moral being, restriction on wants and contentment with a firm belief in God.

Q.4. Why does gandhiji say that ‘mind is a restless bird’?

Ans. Gandhiji in his essay ‘indian Civilization and culture ‘ believes on performance of dut and observance of morality. He says that our ancestors understood very clearly that our minds are restless which will keep on increasing our desires and wants. So they set a limit to our indulgences and made themselves firm with the belief that happiness is a mental condition.

Q.5. What other Civilizations does he refer to While highlighting the vitality of Indian civilization?

Ans. He refers to the civilization of Rome, Greece, Japan and China, which are now destroyed or westernized. Indian civilization is still alive.

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