The artist class-12th Bihar Board। 12th english The artist Bihar Board। English subjective questions chapter-6 Bihar Board

Q.1 how much had the curio-dealer pay to the porter and what amount he himself got from the wealthy collector for Seibei’s gourd?

Ans. The curio-dealer had to pay fifty yen to the Porter but he himself got six hundred yen for the same for the wealthy collector.

Q.2 What kind of gourd did seibei like?

Ans. Seibei liked even and symmetrical gourd.

Q.3 What did seibei think of Bakin’s gourd?

Ans. Seibei did not like it. He did not think as much of it as his father thought. To him, it was just a clumsy big thing.

Q.4 Did seibei’s father like his hobby?

Ans. No, Seibei’s father did not like his hobby of collecting gourds at all.

Q.5 What did Seibi do after he was forced to give up collecting gourds?

Ans. When seibi was punished by his teacher and scolded by his father for his passion for gourds, he turned pale but said nothing. His gourd was sold to an old porter by his teacher. Being a quite child, seibi did not react but diverted his attention towards painting pictures.


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