The Earth Class-12th Bihar Board।12th English the earth Bihar Board।English subjective questions chapter-9 Bihar Board.

Q.1. What information did Sanders give them that made them happy?

Ans. When sunders told Benjy’s parents that Benjy is going to buy the land form them, they were very happy that they are not going to lose their land forever for it will be within the family as their son was going to buy it. The earth was their only property which they had rented for money and now it was like a reward for them.

Q.2. Justify the title ‘The Earth’.

Ans. The title of the story is justified in the sense that the Johnsons who brought up their son by working hard on the land they had rented form Sanders, was purchased by their own son but the son drove them out form the some land.

Q.3. What was Johnsons advised by the doctors to ensure the mental growth of Benjy?

Ans. The doctor advised them to create interests in Benjy. For this, the doctor suggested that Benjy should be allowed to keep hens.

Q.4. How did Benjy look like?

Ans. Benjy looked like a simple-hearted man. His eyes were flue and throughout the day, he had a simple smile on his face. He also had thick soft hair.

Q.5. Why did Benjy want to marry florence?

Ans. Benjy wanted to marry florence because he was attracted towards her. Moreover, he did not want a very intelligent woman but a woman who would help him in his business. Florence filled that bill.

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